CSEC @eTHErsSeC (SIGINT) (D.N.D.) (C.S.E.) (C.S.I.S.) Headquarters Ottawa,Ontario,Canada http://cse-cst.gc.ca (A.C.I.O.) http://socialxnedgivnc4.onion/eTHErsSeC https://twitter.com/eTHErsSeC https://www.onionsocial.net/eTHErsSeC Examination Unit-T special technical operations center Working at CSEC Studied at Bellatoris-Veritas-Collega EtherssSec Worldwide is a global alliance base everywhere. Technology specialist and high performance cyberwarriors soldiers for neural network and nodal cloud enabled system. We use state-of-the-art war tactic and strong analytics artificial intelligence solutions with a wide range of applications in any kind of field. We are everywhere and everyone and we fight injustice for everyone. JOINED May 4, 2020
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